Easter Break Visit - Kathy & Candy

Easter Break Visit

Spring in San Diego:   We are still acclimating to our new home & the Southern California winter weather. Our blood seems to have thinned during the 8 years we were in AZ. It seems chilly to us when the temps are in the high 60's & low 70's. We grew used to the high 70's & low 80's of AZ desert winters. Ask us again in July about the weather though....

We just had a great visit with our niece, Amy, her husband, Don, and their almost-10-year-old triplets, Alexander ("Amazing A"), Colin ("Cool C") & Patrick ("Sweet P"). Every year they escape the NJ weather for a break in Laguna Beach. Now that we live in San Diego, it is easy to visit with them while they are here! We explored the city on a SEAL (Sea And Land) tour, spending 30 minutes on land & an hour on the water in the harbor. We had fun listening to the guide narrate some history of San Diego & everybody loved it when we got close to the sea lions & birds on the docks. The boys each took turns with the camera & captured some terrific shots. After lunch & a visit with Dusty at our place, we headed to La Jolla to stroll the streets. Unfortunately it was overcast & cool all day, so we couldn't visit the tide pools, but we did visit Children's Pool Beach where we watched the harbor seals & their young pups on the shore & in the water.

It was such fun to spend time with Amy, Don & the boys! Until next year....

Seal Tour & La Jolla

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