A Good Friend's Wedding

12/20/2014 - Over Thanksgiving weekend we flew to New Jersey to attend the wedding of a good friend, Sabrina. Though we have known Sabrina for 10+ years, we had met Dan only once. Sabrina and Dan met us in Hawaii in April of 2014 when we celebrated my (Kathy) 60th birthday. We were thrilled to hear few months later that they were planning to get married! They were actually high school sweethearts who met again a few years ago and fell in love. As you can see from the photos the bride and groom beamed with excitement and love. Sabrina was stunning in her ivory gown and Dan looked so handsome in his tux.

The reception was a blast, with lots of dancing to the band and the DJ. The newly married couple’s song was the Etta James classic “At Last” and they performed a beautifully choreographed dance to it. There were some fun line dances, including the Wobble and Cupid’s Shuffle, as well as a mix of oldies and new music. The favorite song of the night seemed to be Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”; when it came on the entire room was on the dance floor, we were all very happy to be celebrating with the new couple. 

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