September Family Wedding

10/1/2014 - In early September we traveled back to NJ for a family wedding. Candy's great niece, Stephanie, got married to Drew on September 6th. Our visit was quite brief, & confined to southern Jersey. We were fortunate to spend a day prior to the wedding with one of Candy's nieces, Amy, and her 6-year-old triplets. The boys are just delightful - inquisitive, loving & joyful. Patrick shared his in-depth knowledge about birds with us, while Alexander quizzed us on countries we have visited & Colin showed us his love of the water & swimming.

We had a little time to spend along the ocean so we went to Spring Lake & Point Pleasant one afternoon. Since it was after Labor Day we had the shops & the boardwalk pretty much to ourselves. The day was sunny & warm but awfully humid for us Arizonans. Our plans to meet friends for dinner fell through, so we ate our way down the boards. It is amazing how good all that bad-for-you food can taste - zeppole, frozen custard, pizza, fudge, taffy.

On the day of the wedding, we spent time with the bride, her mother & sisters as they primped & beautified themselves & each other. Mimosas & french fires fortified this group. We also barged in on the groom & his father & friends as they were getting dressed. Flasks with unidentified contents shored up nerves in that room. The wedding went off without a hitch - the vows & ceremony were moving, the wedding party was stunning & the guests were happy to share the day with the new couple. We got to spend a little time with Candy's sister & brother-in-law, Bunny & Artie, as well as many other family members. It was really a nice visit & a happy occasion!

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