AZ Highways Workshop & Hoop Dance Competition

02/2012 - We met at a local photographer's studio in Phoenix for an informational introduction of how our day would unfold.  We then moved throughout the studio photographing Native Americans in various settings.  After about 2 hours, our large group broke into smaller groups.  Each of these groups were paired with 1 or 2 of the models and drove to various sites in Phoenix.  My group drove to an industrial area. I enjoyed the discrepancy of photographing a  Native American in an 'urban decay' setting. While walking through the city, two brothers stopped to ask us what we were doing.  They also offered themselves up as models. They were very tough-looking guys, however they were very friendly.

The weekend after the model shoot, we joined up again to attend the Heard Museum's Annual Hoop Dance Competition.  The Arizona Highway folks got permission to rope off a section enabling us to obtain a first-class view of the proceedings.

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