Busy Times

5/24/11 - April & May have been pretty busy months! I've had new head shot photos taken, & I’ve been making presentations, writing reports, improving my Spanish, visiting family and attending a Quarter Century Club event.

In April, I made awareness-raising presentations at three offices of large corporations. The presentation was titled "Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace" and was very well-received. I partnered with a local activist in the transgender community & we offered the presentation through HRC to its local corporate sponsors. We trained over 80 people & will be offering it again in June and November.

In May, we finally closed the small business survey I was working on with the Greater Phoenix Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (GPGLCC). We polled local businesses, that are not eligible to participate in the HRC Corporate Equality Index, to gauge how LGBT-friendly they are. They were either government entities or had fewer than 500 employers. It took much longer to poll the businesses because we got a really poor response rate. We extended the survey from 2 months to 4 months but were still disappointed in the low rate. We're just finishing up the reports & releases.

For Mother's Day, I visited my mother in Ohio, where she lives near my brother, Travis. My younger brother, Jon, surprised her with a visit as well, so the 3 kids were there together. Made Mom very happy! On that same trip I took a quick detour to NJ for a night, where I went to the Quarter Century Club Dinner that Chubb holds for current & retired employees that worked for the company for 25 years or more. It was great to see so many familiar faces & catch up with old friends!

Since I'm using my Spanish so much here in AZ, I decided to brush up on my grammar & vocabulary & started taking some Spanish classes that are offered locally. I took a break from learning sign language so I could just focus on one language at a time! The organization that puts on the citizenship events will be increasing the frequency this year, so it's a good time to improve my Spanish skills.

The weather is starting to heat up for summer now, but we are still eating lunch or dinner outside as often as we can. We're squeezing in some bike rides before it gets too hot & we're starting to shorten up our twice-daily walks with Demi. And it is peach-picking time in AZ! We are rolling in fresh, juicy peaches right now! Yum!

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