February Unfolding

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2/27/11 - The weather here in February is nice enough to start up outdoor activities, so we took advantage of being outside as often as we could this month - biking, gardening, going to art festivals & cultural events. During our travels we often see hot air balloons. We were lucky enough to catch this balloon after it landed in a park not far from our house.

We attended the Championship Hoop Dance Contest at the Heard Museum. This annual Native American event draws competitors from across the U.S.and Canada who are judged on precision, timing, showmanship, creativity & speed with anywhere from just a few to as many as 50 hoops. We saw several of the final competitions - youth (6-12 years), teen (13-17 years) and senior (over 40 years). The dances were accompanied by drums which varied based on the cultural traditions of the tribes. Great fun to watch!

I continue to work with Fresh Start Women's Foundation & this month I started teaching another workshop - Interviewing Techniques. The Foundation is opening another location in the East Valley (closer to where we live) & I may be doing more workshop presenting & career coaching at that facility soon. I also continue my work on the small Business Equality Index with the Greater Phoenix Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, as well as corporate outreach with HRC. The Ya Es Hora Citizenship workshops have started up again & we have 6 events scheduled for Phoenix and 1 for Tucson this year.

Candy's work at Chandler Regional Medical Center is also ongoing, as is her study of Tai Chi and her involvement in several camera clubs. We're also finishing up a second round of American Sign Language classes. We've got fingerspelling down (albeit very slowly) and some signs stick in our minds while others are apt to be forgotten quickly. Luckily, as with many things, “there's an app for that”...

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