Friendship Garden & Eloy Skydiving

12/2011 - In December we visited the Friendship Garden in Phoenix and the town of Eloy to view their yearly skydiving competition.  

​The Japanese Friendship Garden brings the essence of Japan to Phoenix, celebrating the spirit of understanding and promoting educational and cultural awareness between the East and West. Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix, named Ro Ho En is an authentic 3.5 acre Japanese Stroll Garden with tea garden and tea house. This tranquil and beautiful setting features more than 1,500 tons of hand-picked rock, stone footbridges, lanterns and more than 50 varieties of plants. There are flowing streams, a 12-foot waterfall, and a Koi pond with over 300 colorful Koi fish. RO - Japanese word for Heron. HO - Japanese word for the mythical Phoenix bird. EN - Japanese word for Garden. ​

Skydive Arizona located in the heart of the scenic Sonoran Desert, lies midway between Arizona's two largest cities, Phoenix and Tucson. It is the largest skydiving facility in the world.  Although close to major highways, it is surrounded by flat, uninhabited land for miles in every direction. The airplanes can put over 170 skydivers at a time in the air, or over 500 jumps an hour! Many World and National Champions have chosen to train here. 

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