Visiting Jerome & A Hopi/Navaho Trip

09/2011 - In September we visited the ghost town of Jerome, nestled high up in the mountains of central AZ. It was a quaint town where shops lined the serpentine streets as we wove our way to the top.

We also spent a week on the AZ Sonora  Desert Museum trip to the Land of Hopi & Navajo. We were a group of 14 with 3 trip leaders. One leader was a geologist & another was an anthropologist. Our travels took us through the northeast part of the state. We started with a stop in Winslow - you remember "Standing on the corner of Winslow Arizona..." by the Eagles, don't you? We crossed through the Painted Desert on our way to Hopi Second Mesa, where we met with guides and artists who shared their culture & history. After viewing the dinosaur tracks in Tuba City, we moved on to Navajo lands where Navajo guides are a must. A sunrise tour of Monument Valley was breath-taking, as was our visit to Canyon de Chelly (pronounced "shay"). We stopped at the famed Hubbell Trading Post & the Petrified Forest before wrapping up the trip.

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