07/01/10 - Summertime - Kathy & Candy


7/1/10 - In an attempt to get more physically fit, I joined a fitness club at the end of May. I know, that is a shocking revelation from one who hates to sweat. I joined the club for the pools though - indoor & outdoor pools. I love the aerobic & strength exercises we do in the water! Unfortunately I was restricted by the foot doc from doing any form of exercise while I had the immobilization boot on, so I had just a bit of time at the beginning and end of the month to use the club. I'm in a brace rather than the boot now, so I can get back in the pool again.

Candy & I are also trying to learn Tai Chi. That too, was interesting with a boot on - it's very hard to keep your balance while you are rocking in the boot on one leg. But we persisted & it is a lot less complicated now that the boot is off. Notice I didn't say easy. The Tai Chi movements are very deliberate and controlled; you work on balance and knowing where your body parts are placed at all times.

Candy got her assignment at the hospital where she is volunteering - she's working with a researcher who is conducting trials for an anti-venom for scorpion stings. Most people get assigned to the gift shop or directing visitors, but not Candy.... I think the volunteer coordinator was thrilled to see Candy's computer skills & quickly notified the researcher. Now if I could just stop her from bringing home dead scorpions to show me...!

My work with the Hispanic community citizenship events has increased & we are holding sessions more frequently. More & more people who have lived here for many years as legal permanent residents now want to become citizens. In many cases they have been spurred to action by the new AZ immigration law about to go into effect. They realize they need to make their voices heard, by becoming citizens so they can vote. It is exciting to see how energized they are, and how anxious to pass all the citizenship tests. There continue to be demonstrations and protests throughout the Phoenix area against the new law. We learned of one demonstration that began in April, just after the governor signed the law, and will continue until the law goes into effect at the end of July or gets repealed before then. Every single day, there is this group of people on the lawn of the State Capitol - every single, hot day. Today is my one year anniversary of being retired - hard to believe! The year has flown by & I couldn't be happier with the decision to retire so early!

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