Feb & March

3/19/10 - Late winter has been wonderful in AZ! The temperatures remained in the 60's & 70's, dipping into the 40's at night. Now there are some 80's sprinkled in there - lovely!

Candy escaped the snowy Northeast in February and we did a little AZ exploring. We attended a great art festival in a southern AZ city called Tubac and visited the Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix. The garden was a small space in the middle of an established Phoenix neighborhood, but it provided a serene respite on a busy day. It will be a place we visit often, as the busier Desert Botanical Gardens already are.

Also in February we visited the Heard Museum for the annual Hoop Dance Competition. The hoop or circle is symbolic to all Native people. It represents the Circle of Life and the continuous cycle of summer and winter, day and night, male and female. Some Native people use hoop dancing as a part of a healing ceremony designed to restore balance and harmony in the world, which is not performed publicly. Speed agility as well as creative designs and difficult manipulations of the hoops present unique variations of the dance. The performers express distinct cultural traditions, as they are judged on precision, timing/rhythm, showmanship, creativity and speed.

Candy's time in NJ is coming to an end. In early April she will be coming to AZ for good! We can hardly wait - it's been a long 8 months...

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