Family Visit

11/30/10 - November began & ended with Marvel family visits. I went to Ohio to be with my mother for her 86th birthday on November 3rd. It was a nice visit with her and my brother's family, but it was not without incident. As soon as I arrived the Saturday before her birthday, I noticed that something was wrong with my right eye. I had what felt like strings of fine hairs in my field of vision. Then my vision became clouded & it felt like I had Vaseline smeared on my contact lens. As soon as I could see an ophthalmologist I learned that I had a retinal tear & needed laser surgery right away. Nothing I did made the tear occur; it is just more apt to happen in nearsighted people as they age. The following day I saw a specialist for the surgery. I won't go into detail, but it was everything you fear eye surgery will be. The picture above was taken the evening following the surgery, as I took my mother to dinner & a play. The repair has since healed, very well, but I still have some of the cloudiness obstructing my vision. It is leftover blood that leaked into the eye while the retina was torn & it should be absorbed by my body over the next few months.

We ended the month with a visit for Thanksgiving by my cousin Carol from NY. She was on a whirlwind visit of friends and relatives in the Southwest. She traveled to San Francisco, Chandler, Tucson & Albuquerque. We were fortunate enough to have her for the holiday & we ate our way through several days of visiting. It was colder than usual in AZ - actually the coldest Thanksgiving in 80 years. It was in the high 50's (normally in the 70's), so we didn't get to observe our new tradition of eating Thanksgiving dinner outside. Maybe next year.... We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of food, friends & family!

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