Lots of Learning

10/3/10 - September was a month packed with learning for us. We started an 8-week sign language class. It's something we both have always wanted to learn for quite some time. We have a deaf teacher, so it is making us learn very quickly - we love it! We'll have to search for ways to keep practicing once the class is done.

We also went to a few classes on desert survival & hiking skills. Whereas we don't plan to do any long hikes with camping overnight (ever!), we do want to do some easy/moderate day hikes. In the spring there is a profusion of wildflowers on many of the low mountains & we want to experience them up close.

Candy started up her Tai Chi classes again & I've continued my aqua fitness on a regular basis. I finished physical therapy for my Achilles tendon - it is as good as it's going to get (much better than it has been for the past 18 months).

The citizenship fairs have continued, with record numbers of legal permanent residents coming in for help completing their citizenship applications.

Candy has been enjoying the camera clubs she participates with & had the opportunity to photograph the harvest moon in close proximity to Jupiter this month.

The project I'm working on with the Greater Phoenix Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce kicked into high gear in September. We met with other chambers of commerce & city officials to gain support for the small business index we are creating. It is modeled after the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index for employers of more than 500 employers, and we expect to launch it late in the fall. It will measure how gay-friendly some of the local employers are & we'll offer consulting & training for those who want to become more so. It's a very exciting venture, not having been done on this scale before.

Jupiter Visible with Full Moon
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