• Empty Backyard at New House
  • Can't Take the Jersey Out of the Girls

9/25/09 - We're pretty well settled now a month after our move. Candy went back to NJ after a frenzied week of unpacking our shipment in AZ. We finished about 90% of the unpacking by then, so I didn't have much left to do on my own. Candy had more unpacking ahead of her when she returned to the rented apartment in NJ. Although it was fully furnished, she had clothes, computer & photographic equipment to find places for. Her place is comfortable & convenient, and she lacks for nothing (except me & Demi!).

I had some work started at the house soon after Candy left. We updated the landscaping to replace plants we'd lost over the past 2 years of owning the house, & to make some areas more dog-friendly. We opted for low-water-use landscaping originally & have no grass at all. So we needed to get creative with ground covers to give Demi some relief from the decorative stone that she is getting used to walking on.

We also figured out ways to optimize our storage space, a garage-sized laundry room. Without an attic or basement, we've had to give it a lot of thought. Work on cabinetry for that room will start in early October.

I reached out to Human Rights Campaign (HRC) in Phoenix & have started working with them on several projects - meeting with legislators to encourage their support of gay-friendly bills, establishing a connection with the Hispanic community & working on coming-out day events. I assisted Hispanic applicants with filling out citizenship applications last weekend, and this weekend I am getting trained to work a phone bank for a Hispanic outreach for coming-out day.

I've also researched & selected a new doctor, vet, hairdresser, plumber & petsitter. I got a new car too - 2010 Toyota Prius. I have longed for a white car & finally got one now that I'm in the desert! The desert has just begun to cool down for the fall, temperatures "dropping" into the 90's now. But please believe me, 90's in AZ is so much more comfortable than 80's in NJ, and 70's in AZ will be a vast improvement over 20's in NJ in the winter...

Demi loves me being around a lot, but misses Candy as much as I do. We are able to text, call & use Skype to see one another when we talk, but it is still hard to be apart.

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