Getting Ready for the Big Move

8/13/09 - Remmey Antiques Rock!

Well, since we had already furnished the AZ house, we needed to sell most of our NJ belongings before moving. Remmey Appraisers did a great job of running a “tag sale” for us. They priced everything, sent an announcement to their mailing list, put an ad in the paper, staffed the house with people to manage the traffic & ran the sale for us. They had 100 people signed up to come to the first day of the sale! Once all the buying was done, Remmey brought in a thrift shop to take the leftover stuff, and finally a dumpster for the stuff no one wanted. Within a week the house was empty. The movers came in the middle of all this & loaded all of our boxes that we had stored in the garage so they wouldn’t get sold! We’ll meet up with them in AZ next week.

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