Martinsville, NJ House Sold!

Martinsville, NJ House Sold!

6/29/09 - NJ house sold immediately!

We put our NJ house on the market on June 15th, expecting it to take months to sell. We showed it for the first time at 5:00PM on June 18th, to 4 separate, interested buyers. The first buyer to come through put in a bid immediately and by 10:00PM we had a contract and stopped showing it! We were stunned, as was the buyer, who had been looking for just the right home since January.

So things are really moving fast now. The closing is on August 17th. We need to sell all of our furniture before then and then pack & move the remaining stuff. We will hold a private tag sale in early August and then have the movers come in.

We’ll drive out to AZ since we don’t want to fly Demi in the cargo hold of a plane. We expected to take 3-6 months to sell and we figured we’d get Candy a furnished apartment for the few remaining months before she could retire in May next year. Now it’s a much longer time for us to be apart, but we found a place for her in NJ and figured out a way that she can come out to AZ about once a month until she retires.

Stay tuned as the adventure continues…

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