11/30/09 - Pre & Post Thanksgiving - Kathy & Candy

Pre & Post Thanksgiving

11/30/09 - The past month has been a busy one. At the end of October, I attended several Hispanic celebrations for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). This holiday coincides with Halloween, but has very different meaning. The Mexican people honor their dead by placing fond remembrances on altars & throwing festive celebrations. The images of the dead are not meant to be scary; instead they show the dead doing all the things they did while they were alive.

I worked at another citizenship event, helping legal residents fill out applications for US citizenship. Next year we will work on registering new citizens to vote. Clearly, most of the applicants are Hispanic, but we have immigrants from all over the world here. I am most able to help the Spanish-speaking applicants, as that is the only other language I am fluent in. And whereas most applicants will take the citizenship test in English, they find it welcoming to be able to speak their mother tongue while completing the 10-page application.

Candy was in AZ for Thanksgiving & we attended a new exhibition at the Desert Botanical Gardens. Each year the organizers set up an art exhibit throughout the gardens. It is a wonderful way to view the art and hear live music among the plants & trees. This year they featured a Native American sculptor, Allan Houser. He became known as a prominent sculptor in the 1940's, sculpting in marble then bronze & moving from realistic to abstract sculptures throughout the next 45 years.

The weather was terrific during the week, so Candy and I took Demi to Cosmo dog park in Gilbert. It is a large park which has a lake for dogs to swim in and several fenced in areas for the dogs to run around and socialize.

The holidays are fast approaching, so the next update will be after all of the visiting & well-wishing. I'll join Candy in NJ for Christmas & New Year's. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & Happy New Year to you!

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