Apache Jii & More

10/28/09 - Fall in the desert is a beautiful time! Flowering shrubs abound & the temperatures are perfect for long walks and bike rides. Candy was here at the beginning of October & we gave a boost to the local economy during that time. We ordered outdoor furniture that will finally extend our living space into the back yard, we had our storage space installed in the oversized laundry room and we brought the outside in with large potted plants that brighten up entryways and living spaces. We squeezed a lot into the 9 days she was here, but had time for just sitting outside in the shade and enjoying the sounds of the fountain and the sight of hummingbirds.

Since she left I have attended more HRC meetings & found some space to work in - the political arena. There is lots to be done in AZ to make it a more gay-friendly place to live & that is where I want to focus. My network is expanding & I recently met a partner at a company called Advisory Board Architects. The organization helps to connect emerging growth companies with boards of business advisors. I'm excitedly exploring the opportunities there.

I continue to get to know more of our neighbors & am so glad we chose Chandler as our new home town. It is proving to be every bit as diverse, open & energized as it seemed when we visited.

In mid-October, I went to an Apache Jii (Day) celebration in Globe, AZ (about 90 minutes east of Phoenix). The San Carlos Apache Nation is right there & they use the celebration to share their culture with visitors. There was entertainment that educated - a group of students from local schools performed tribal dances, flute & drum players shared their music, and a variety of Apache dancer groups performed traditional dances. Of course, there were craft vendors, food vendors & demonstrations of weaving, carving, etc. I got to try Native American fry bread. Every culture seems to have its own version of fried dough at festivals - Italian zeppole, Spanish churros, plain old doughnuts, Pennsylvania Dutch funnel cake, French beignets. I ate the plate-sized, flat fry bread with honey on one half and powdered sugar on the other, but it can also be topped with savory foods like ground beef or beans. I loved it!

At present I am attending some classes on irrigation, pruning & maintenance of the desert landscaping that I now get to experiment with. I went to a plant sale at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix & a volunteer I was talking to put it best. She said "Sister, you are going to have SO much fun learning about all the different types of plants we have in the desert. Enjoy!"

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